WAHS Entrance Tent

Entrance Tent to St. Peter's Lutheran Church 150th Year Anniversary Cemetery Crawl, Sunday Sept 17, 2017.

Anna Bertha Heinz Kretzschmar

Anna Bertha Heinz Kretzschmar (1843-1904), wife and mother of St. Peter's pastors
Rev. Friedrich Herman Kretzschmar and Rev. Martin Kretzschmar, played by WAHS member Nancy Pickering.

Elizabeth and Rodney Ketcher

Elizabeth (1954-2015) and Rev. Rodney Ketcher (1946-2008), played by Larissa Gust (St. Peter's member),
and Rodney's nephew Rhett Dressel; Rhett is also a great-great-great grandson of pioneer
and St. Peter's member Augusta Kertscher (1827-1873), first character profiled.

Walkers Between Rows

Walking between the rows to the next presentation location.

Agnes Augusta Marie Ketcher Muhs

Agnes Augusta Marie Ketcher Muhs (1886-1945),
played by WAHS member Marlene Magnuson, niece of Agnes Muhs.